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Purestream, Inc. is the largest sewage treatment supplier in the United States and has been in business for well over 40 years. Our Purestream Wastewater Treatment Plant is the best alternative to a septic system and actually offers a higher, better degree of treatment. Our clients have been satisfied by the fact that the Purestream system was able to provide an economical solution and alternative to a municipal treatment plant. Even better yet, we are a “green” sewage treatment solution, providing a huge advantage to the environment, and we have been installed over 11,000 times globally. The Purestream Plant works great as a decentralized wastewater treatment system for localities such as:

           ·         Subdivisions / private development

           ·         Municipalities

           ·         Schools

           ·         Recreational parks

           ·         Nursing homes

           ·         Mobile home developments

           ·         Factories and other commercial businesses

How Does the System Work?

Our Purestream sewage treatment plan and system implements a “package design” that lends to ease of use and installation. Our treatment begins with the mixing of granular, boiling diffusers and cross-section design that ensures that there aren’t any dead spots and that everything that comes through is pure in the final stages of treatment. At the very bottom of treatment, the stream will enter a clarifier that sifts through for solids and discharges them downstream, which then checks for disinfection and filtrates thoroughly.

Purestream Advantages

     Ø  The Purestream Plant can be installed in less than a day – our extended aeration treatment plant is a pre-fabricated unit in a compact package. Such a simple installation will save you time and money, too.

     Ø  We’re economical and easy to sustain – over 40 years of expertise has allowed us to bring our clients the best quality product while still keeping it economical. And if you have any questions or concerns about anything, we can help you throughout the entire process.

     Ø  Easy to expand – a second Puresteam system can be upgraded at any time.

     Ø  Resale value – the entire package makes selling pre-owned units simple and straightforward – and if you need to transfer it to another location, that’s easy, too.

Call us for more information about the Purestream Wastewater Treatment System or for wastewater equipment and parts: (859) 371-9898.


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