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A comminutor is a machine that is used in wastewater treatment plants to cut up wastewater solids. In other words, a comminutor is a size reduction device, doing so by grinding up the wastewater solids.

Large, stringy wastewater solids can plug pump impellers and can damage belt filter presses and centrifuges. But a comminutor minimizes damage and reduces downtime, and therefore provides cost benefits.

Comminution technology is fairly new. You won't find the word ‘comminutor’ in many dictionaries. We think it'll be added in soon, though - comminutor technology is increasingly popular today as more and more municipal councils (and other bodies) that deal with solid waste treatment receive higher quantities as populations increase.

The comminution technology is evolving rapidly, and this has led to an exciting race between comminutor manufacturers. As an example, many of today’s comminutors use twin shaft grinding with screw screening systems and high flow capabilities.

Comminutors, which are also known as macerators and grinders in the industry, were first used in the 50s (drum-type comminutors). After drum type comminutors came straight-through comminutors, followed by in-line comminutors/grinders, dual shaft comminutors (grinders), and then cutter cartridge enhanced twin shaft comminutors. Comminutors get better with each passing decade.

Most comminutors use counter-rotating sets of inter-meshing cutters to shred and cut solids into fine particles. The greatest drawback of such systems is that very little open area is left for fluids to pass through, thanks to the banks of intermeshing cutters. This problem is solved by cutter cartridges in enhanced twin shaft comminutors. A cartridge is a one-piece solid element, as opposed to multiple individual spacer disks and cutters. The use of cartridges has led to an increase in cutter strength.

The components that make up comminutors include:

  • Housing
  • Right-angle gear motor
  • Double-sealed shielded bearings
  • Inlet trough
  • Drive shaft 
  • Rotating cutting bar/s
  • Stationary cutter comb 

The most commonly used material for the cutter comb and cutter bars is A2 chromecarbon tool steel. Comminutors are made for outdoor use.

How to Choose the Right Type of Comminutor

You shouldn't go for the first comminutor you come across. You should consider the type of comminutor, the expertise of the manufacturer, if the unit is ruggedly constructed, the upstream head capacity, ease of installation and maintenance, and your particular circumstances and preferences.


About Goulds Pumps | Purestream Inc.

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We carry Goulds pumps here (as part of our Puresteam wastewater parts store) and can vouch for the durability the pumps offer. Find out more about Goulds pumps below!

Goulds Pumps (specifically ITT Goulds Pumps - a Xylem company) are among the most widely-recognized brands in the global pump industry. In fact, there are Goulds Pumps facilities in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, making Goulds one of the most readily recognized pump brands in the world. The pumps serve customers in the oil and gas industries, power generation, mining, chemical, paper, and other general industrial sectors and markets. Goulds uses advanced technology in its products; according to ITT Goulds, they are the only manufacturer to "make digital monitoring [a] standard in every process pump." Digital monitoring refers to performance monitoring when in use.

Some facts about Goulds Pumps:

  • Goulds pumps are made to abide by strict ISO standards.
  • Goulds pumps & ITT Corporation guarantees the latest in hydraulic design and pump technology.
  • ITT Corporation is headquartered in Seneca Falls, NY. The original company was founded by Seabury Gould in the 1840s.
Check out their official website here.

To check out our selection of Goulds Pumps, click here. Please select the correct model number if you're looking for a replacement to use in the Purestream Wastewater Treatment System. If you need help selecting the correct model, feel free to call us at 859-371-9898.


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