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by Administrator23. July 2014 14:07

Blade Size Does Matter When Choosing Submersible Mixers

Choosing the right machinery for your business can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to reduce costs without affecting the quality, productivity, and output of your organization. Submersible mixers are devices that many water, sewage, environmental, and agricultural plants use to treat and keep solids and liquids separated. Many organizations also use these devices during various treatment stages, including bio phosphorus elimination, solid suspension, thickening, denitrification, and nitrification. Since there are several kinds of devices to choose from, one needs to consider what their actual productivity needs are.

Small Blade High Speed Mixers

Small blade mixers have a direct drive motor that produces turbulent flows at very high speeds. This makes it far easier for them to mix and thicken solutions at a faster rate. The mixing blades are smaller, reducing the amount of liquid that is processed. Smaller blade devices tend to last longer and are more durable than large blade mixing units. Many mixers come with additional features that offer extra benefits. These benefits include increased leak protection, self- cleaning capabilities, more reliability, simple installation, and less energy consumption to reduce overall energy costs.

Large Blade Mixers

Although large blade submersible mixers are able to process larger batches, they do not mix as fast as their smaller blade counterparts. Even though one’s goal may be to treat large quantities of liquid at faster rates, one has to consider the overall benefits of using a large blade mixer. Large blade mixers are actually more efficient and cost effective for businesses. They require far less energy to run and reduce operating expenses significantly. These units also come with many of the same benefits that small blade mixers have, such as easier maintenance, easy operations, and leak protection.

Submersible mixers can be used in a wide variety of industrial and treatment applications. Contact us to improve the quality and efficiency of your organization. We have mixers that can handle all of your agitating, mixing, and suspension needs. 


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