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Introducing the Model PES-FPP Floating Portable Pump | Wastewater Treatment System

The model PES-FPP floating portable pump is a versatile, portable water pump. It can be used for extinguishing a fire emergency, pumping out sand traps, extracting water from flooded basements or other parts of the home or business, and more.

It only weighs 62 pounds and measures in at less than 27” x 21” x 15”, yet it delivers a striking 165 gpm at 45 feet T.D.H. The portable pump does not have any seals or bearings, so it can be run dry without harm to the machine.

Specifications & features of the Model PES-FPP Floating Pump:

         ·         A powerful Honda GXV160 engine at 5.5 hp

         ·         Four-stroke gasoline engine

         ·         Runs in water levels less than 1”

         ·         An adjustable throttle to control the flow

         ·         Rugged pump that handles 20 mm solids

         ·         Float is a durable polyurethane foam-filled polyester laminate

The unit includes:

         ·         Pump, motor and float

         ·         33 feet of hose with 2-inch hose barb (male threaded)

         ·         Extra 2-inch hose barb (female threaded)

         ·         Instruction manual and booklet


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